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Together we bring the medicine of the future, here

Do you want to bring your contribution to developing medical services according to international standards here, in Moldova? This mission brings us together at Medpark International Hospital and it is possible thanks to the input of each of our more than 650 team members.

Here we value:

  • CARE for the patients, for colleagues, for the society we live in
  • RESPECT for people, and for life
  • DEVELOPMENT and continuous self-improvement from desiring to make things better every day
  • COLLABORATION – because great things are only done together!
Medpark people are our most valuable asset

We offer you all the support so that you can do your work efficiently and with pleasure!

  • Personalized training program for new employees;
  • High-performance work tools: state-of-the-art technologies, automated processes;
  • Unique experience to develop your skills;
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth;
  • Care for you and your family: full social package, free meals, discounts on Medpark services for the whole family.
Your career at Medpark can start now!

Send your CV to the email address: [email protected] or you can contact us at 079 70 22 14 for details.

Vacant positions (medical staff)

Vacant positions (non medical staff)

Didn’t find the vacancy you wanted?

No worries! We’ll save your contacts for a year and call you when something suitable comes up!