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Medpark International Hospital offers complete support and high-performance services to patients suffering from oncological conditions, from the moment of identification of the health problem until the successful completion of treatments, including post-treatment monitoring.


Tumor board

The multidisciplinary approach of the oncological patient – the key to an effective treatment The oncological pathology is an extremely complex one and it implies…

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Oncological diagnosis

Establishing a correct and detailed diagnosis is the first and most important stage for planning oncological treatment. Most often the tumors are detected during routine…

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Pathological Anatomy

No oncological treatment can begin without the anatomical-pathological examination. It is a mandatory stage of diagnosis in oncological conditions, because there are many types of…

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Онкологическая хирургия

Хирургическое лечение является радикальной стадией лечения во многих случаях окно заболеваний.  Medpark располагает современными оборудованными операционными залами и опытными специалистами для лечения широкого спектра онкологических…

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Medical Oncology

Medpark Oncology Center offers high performance services to patients with malignant and benign tumors, from the moment of detection until the successful completion of treatments,…

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Radiotherapy is a treatment method widely used in oncological conditions. It uses ionizing radiation to destroy malignant cells. In collaboration with partner medical institutions, Medpark…

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The 2nd medical oncology opinion

Through the “2nd medical opinion” program, seriously ill patients, who cannot be treated in the country, can benefit from the expertise of Medpark doctors and…

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