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Family Planning and Healthcare

Medpark doctors take care of mother and child health, offering consultations, investigations and offer medical solutions at all life stages.


In Vitro Fertilization

Success rate is over 55% at the top clinics in Europe. In Vitro Fertilization Medpark offers a full range of modern solutions which can help…

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More than 15 000 babies have chosen to be born at the Maternity Medpark - the perfect place to give birth to a new life.…

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Neonatology and Medpark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatology consists in caring for babies from the first day to 40 days of life, especially those born prematurely or sickly with the detection, diagnosis…

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School for future parents

Did you find out that you are going to become parents and have already asked you dozens of questions? At Medpark, we encourage both partners…

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Gynecology and gynecological surgery

Medpark offers a wide range of obstetrical and gynecological procedures that require interdisciplinary collaboration with physicians from specialties like: anesthesiology, intensive care, morphopathology, bacteriology, laboratory.…

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