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Groza Marinela-Carmen

Groza Marinela-Carmen

Laboratory manager, laboratory doctor, PhD


2007-2011: University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa ”, PhD in medicine, Iași, Romania
1994-1998: “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania
1981-1987: University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr.T. Popa ”, Iasi, Romania

Professional experience:

2020-present: Laboratory manager, laboratory doctor, Medpark International Hospital, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
2019-2020: General director, primary physician, laboratory medicine, Avicena Medical Center, Suceava, Romania
1999-2018: Primary Care Laboratory Medicine, C.M.I. dr. Groza Marinela, Suceava, Romania
1999-2011: General manager, primary physician, laboratory medicine, group medical offices, Dr. Groza Marinela, Dr. Moga Ana, Suceava, Romania
2010-2011: General director, primary medicine, laboratory medicine, S.C. Alpha Servicii Medicale SRL, Suceava, Romania
2001-2011: Internal auditor for the quality management system in laboratories, the Accreditation Association of Romania and the Medical College of Romania, Suceava, Romania
1995-2000: Medical teacher, Post-secondary Health School, Suceava, Romania
1994-1999: Chief of clinical laboratory, specialist doctor of laboratory medicine, primary physician of laboratory medicine, County Clinic, Suceava, Romania
1997-1999: Head of Laboratory, Primary Specialist, Bethesda Policlinica, Suceava,
1993-1995: Medical teacher, High School, Suceava, Romania
1992-1994: Secondary physician, laboratory medicine, specialist medical laboratory, Blood Transfusion Center, Suceava, Romania
1991-1992: Secondary Laboratory Medicine Doctor, County Hospital, Suceava, Romania
1987-1991: Intern, County Hospital, Suceava, Romania


1991: Theoretical course of specialization in laboratory medicine, Fundeni University Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
1991: Theoretical course of specialization in laboratory medicine, National Institute for Research, Development for Microbiology and Immunology, Bucharest, Romania
1991: Course on Hemobiology and Transfusion Hematology, Academy of Medical Sciences, Institute of Hematology, Bucharest, Romania

Known languages:

Romanian, French, English