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Get to know your doctor: Andrei Ureche

Cardiac surgery
07 Aug, 2015

Andrei Ureche – surgeon who saves 200 of hearts every year
Cardiovascular Surgeon

Dr. Andrei Ureche has 27 years experience in healthcare practice, during this time he saved heart after heart. He is a cardiovascular surgeon, of superior category, and he manages to make miracles in the operating room, even in unscheduled and emergency interventions.

Once he has improved his skills on several continents, he became one of the most sought cardiovascular surgeon in Moldova. Sometimes he performs 2-3 interventions per day, even if so, he is spending more time in the operating room than at home. On average, he operates annually over 200 of patients with surgical problems, some of which are in extremely serious conditions, and this means that every 43 hours a heart is saved by Dr. Andrei Ureche.

His patients, whose hearts started to beat again, are grateful to dr. Andrei Ureche and often send letters of gratitude to Medpark.

He stood out for his professional performances in 1997, when, after a year of internship in the United States of America, he was the first Moldavian doctor who began to actively use information resources provided by Medline, which allowed him to implement the latest and the most effective techniques in cardiac surgery.

He searched for the “secrets” in cardiac surgery all over the world. 20 years later, he had an internship at the “A. Bakulev” Institute in Moscow (Russia), after which he improved his skills in cardio surgeries at hospitals in the US, France, Israel, Italy, China and Belgium.

The knowledge and skills gained from these professional „expeditions” have been applied over the years in his activity at the Center for Heart Surgery and Cardiology Institute in Chisinau. In 2010 Andrei Ureche became the savior of hearts at Medpark.

(published 2015)