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Medpark, accredited by Joint Commission International

In December 2018, Medpark International Hospital in the Republic of Moldova has obtained for the second time the Gold Seal of Approval® Certification of the Joint Commission International – the accreditation which confirms the continued compliance of the quality of medical services and patient safety with the world-recognized standards. Currently only 656 medical institutions around the world have this accreditation and less than 5% of applicants are able to prove that they are eligible to receive the honorable title.

Medpark International Hospital has been subject to rigorous control during which an expert team of Joint Commission International has evaluated the degree of compliance with international hospital standards in a number of areas, including: Patients’ Safety International Objectives, patient care and evaluation, anesthesia and surgery, drug management, patient and family education, the quality of improvements, control and prevention of infections, management and administration, facility management, staff qualification and information management.

The JCI international accreditation process of Medpark Hospital included:

  • The creation of 13 internal committees, made up of 50 people, who have managed the implementation of international standards;
  • The drafting and review of 1112 internal documents (policies, procedures, instructions, guides);
  • The evaluation of 1119 patient safety and medical act quality indicators (measurable elements) by 3 JCI International Experts during 5 days at the hospital.

As a result of the evaluation, Medpark International Hospital achieved a compliance degree of 99.74% and is committed to continue to meet international requirements, including being remotely monitored and periodically re-evaluated by the JCI experts.

Paul Chang MD, MBA, MPH, CPHQ, FACHE, Vice President of Accreditation, Standards and Evaluations, Joint Commission International: „Joint Commission International provides hospitals with improvement processes in a variety of areas, from continuous training of the staff to the implementation of top practices in the medical institution. We congratulate Medpark International Hospital for its efforts to become an institution that continually improves the quality of its services and achieve this apogee, proving its commitment to patient safety and quality of services.”

Olga Schiopu, Medpark General Manager: „ Medpark International Hospital is honored to get the Joint Commission International accreditation, the world’s highest certification and recognition of the superior quality of medical services. The entire Medpark team collaborates to develop and implement strategies and procedures to improve health care for patients in our country.”

The Joint Commission International hospital standards are developed by consulting international experts and institutions in the field of health, assessors and patients. The standards are based on scientific research and expert consensus to help organizations measure, assess, and improve their performance.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) was established in 1997 as a non-profit subdivision of Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), wholly affiliated with The Joint Commission. Through international accreditations, consultations, publications and educational programs, JCI extends the Joint Commission’s global mission to help improve the quality of medical services. JCI assists international health organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and other relevant institutions in over 100 countries.