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School for future parents – learn the secrets of a happy pregnancy, from the first weeks

10 Jan, 2017

Did you just found out that soon you will become parents and you’ve already have dozens of questions? At Medpark, we encourage both parents to engage in the wonderful process of bringing the child into this world and we help you to get rid of all the doubts and fears related to pregnancy and childbirth.

In order for the future mother to be calm and happy from the very first weeks of the pregnancy and for the baby to develop in a healthy and harmonious manner, we come up with a new concept of Medpark’s prenatal educational courses: more interactive, more practical and more comfortable.

The School for future parents will be conducted in the form of interactive workshops, during which the participants will find the answers to all their questions, from the trivial ones (how to choose a doctor or what pregnant women are allowed to eat) to the less ordinary, but just equally important (what kind of cosmetics can a future mommy use or what should you know about air traveling).

The program of the school is structured in 2 phases, which will allow you to learn everything you need for the health of the future mother and baby:

PHASE 1 – PREGNANCY, is open for all participants in the first trimester of the pregnancy and their partners, and consists of 3 workshop lessons:

  • physiological changes in pregnancy, warning signs that send you to a doctor, fetal development, medication during pregnancy, advice on diet and lifestyle of pregnant women;
  • prenatal screening, myths about pregnancy, tips for a happy pregnancy;
  • pregnancy monitoring (medical and legal aspects), recommendations for diet and physical activity.

For the convenience of expectant mothers with a full work schedule, the workshops on pregnancy will be held starting with 18:00. All interested persons may register by phone: 022 40 00 29 or by e-mail [email protected].

PHASE II – GIVING BIRTH, is dedicated to those who have attended the first course, as well as to future parents, who chose to give birth to their baby at Medpark maternity, being minimum at 30 weeks of pregnancy. The program includes 3 workshops:

  • Natural childbirth vs. birth via C-section, relaxation techniques during labor,
  • Newborn care course: first aid measures and ways of solving problems that may occur during the first year of the baby’s life,
  • Breastfeeding A to Z, guidance to a correct and efficient breastfeeding, nutrition during breastfeeding.

All the participants of the School for future parents receive diplomas, gifts and enjoy a tour through Medpark International Hospital.

Make sure you will have a positive and peaceful pregnancy and that you will give birth to a healthy and happy baby! Join now our School for future parents and get the latest information, advices and recommendations from competent specialists with a vast experience, part of the Medpark International Hospital team.

To register, contact us by phone: 022 40 00 29, by e-mail [email protected] or on Medpark Facebook page.