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Corporate health programs

To create a healthy and motivating corporate environment, companies choose Medpark Hospital for medical services. Due to international standards quality, professional attitude, prompt actions, correct diagnosis and treatment, we assure that your employees and their families will benefit from high-level medical services.

The advantages of accessing Medpark corporate medical services:
  • Corporate motivation. The care shown to the employer directly influences the quality of work and the motivation
  • Increases productivity. Access to quality medical services can significantly reduce the number of illnesses and sick leave
  • Time-management. The check-up program involves half-day medical services, coordinated according to personal agenda of each person and Medpark’s possibilities.
  • Direct reporting services. The financial report/ per employee is sent to the organization in electronic form or on paper, monthly or weekly, by mutual agreement.
The solutions that Medpark offers to the companies
  • Complete medical check-up

The company can choose from the complete list of existing medical check- ups from Medpark portfolio, or it can request individualized packages. Also, we can provide support in managing the organizational process: appointments, invitations and monitoring.

The check-ups are designed in accordance with international medical standards.

Our clients

Corporate health Check-up programs

Please take your ID with you and present it to reception for the registration of your health check-up.

  • Dedicated health budget

The budget can be used for the services requested by the company, or at the employee’s independent decision. The financial department of Medpark will do the monitoring and the report for each member of staff in part.

  • Optional corporate health insurance, in partnership with specialized companies

Medpark is in active partnerships with the national health insurance companies: Donaris Group SA, Asterra Grup, GraweCarat, Moldasig and other. These kind of policies include complete medical services for diagnosis and treatment (radiology, laboratory tests, surgeries, hospitalization, etc.).

Optional insurance completes the mandatory health policy and offers customers a series of benefits with 24-hour coverage, which can be adapted and customized according to the needs of each patient.

  • Value certificates for medical services

Certificates may be used at the will of the customer for any medical service. They are valid for one year. They can be issued for different amounts at the client’s request.

To find out more details about Medpark’s corporate offers, contact us at (+373) 79 776 575