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Endocrine surgery

Endocrine surgery is a field of general surgery dedicated to the treatment of endocrine glands.

The Medpark Surgery Center has a specialized team and all the necessary equipment to perform interventions on the thyroid gland in case of:

  • Thyroid glandular solitary nodules, with larger dimensions than 4 cm, associated with clinical symptoms caused by the compression on adjacent structures;
  • Active thyroid nodules;
  • Nodular goiter;
  • Thyroid tumors (cancer) that undergo complete surgical treatment;
  • Surgery associated with thyroid gland surgery, on thyroglossal duct cysts (median cervical cysts).
Interventions performed at Medpark include:
  • Lymphodissection;
  • Thyroidectomy, and the range of interventions available are continuously expanding.

Medpark surgeons work closely with the team of endocrinologists and evaluate each case individually to identify the most effective treatment method.

Diagnostic methods in endocrine pathology available at Medpark include:
  • Laboratory test (hormonal status);
  • General clinical analyzes;
  • Ultrasound;
  • The echo-guided puncture of the nodules.

The doctor Eugeniu Condraţchi has over 15 years of experience in general surgery and has specialized in endocrine surgery with more than 250 interventions on endocrine glands in St. Petersburg hospitals.

Why choose Medpark Surgery?

Medpark strictly adheres to International Medical Standards, which guarantees medical safety and the best treatment results. The Medpark Infrastructure offers exceptional conditions for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of patients, namely:

  • 5 stat-of-the-art operating rooms with integrated intensive care and resuscitation rooms – all equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and qualified personnel.
  • Operating rooms equipped with continuous sterilized airflow and hermetic doors that minimize the risk of in-hospital infections. Air sterility also ensures rapid postoperative recovery of patients (a few days earlier than in other hospitals), the risk of complications due to infections is minimal;
  • Positive pressure – higher pressure sterile air is directed to the operation table, especially over the incision, so the surrounding air (for example, the breathing of the medical staff) does not hit the wound – ensuring sterility and minimal risk of infection or post-operative complications;
  • Cell-saver – autotransfusion system. The blood of the patients is transfused to themselves, so they have no contact with someone else’s blood;
  • Hemofiltration to clean patient’s blood, applied post-operatively in complicated cases;
  • Postoperative care at international standards and complex treatments with rapid rehabilitation;
  • Applying the concept of “pain-free hospital”, providing anesthesia and analgesia individualized to each patient, maximum efficacy and minimal risk;
  • 63 modern one-patient rooms in the inpatient department, each equipped with a functional bed, own bathroom, foldable bed for the attendant, WiFi, TV, etc., and medical staff always available, for patient comfort and safety.

For appointments, call 022 40 00 40 (available 24/24).