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Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

Customized solutions for rejuvenation, correction and improvement of natural beauty, with stunning results. Due to the performance of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, now any one’s imperfection can be corrected. You can get the look you’ve always wanted, you can feel better about yourself and regain your self-confidence.

What distinguishes the aesthetic surgery from other surgical interventions is the artistic aspect. Therefore, Medpark has doctors with international experience, meticulous, perfectionists and visionary. Attentive to the wishes and concerns of the patients, we use the most modern techniques and equipment in order to make the interventions happen without pain, with the expected results, in harmony with the rest of the body, naturally, with as less visible marks possible.

The Medpark International Hospital team of plastic surgeons has been intensively trained in specialized clinics abroad in order to provide our clients with the world’s latest aesthetical medical technologies and tools. The exceptional characteristics of the operating rooms (including air sterilization system), the modern anesthesia equipment and minimally-invasive treatment techniques help you obtain the desired look within the shortest period of time.

Body contouring surgical interventions
Breast surgery
Facial surgery
Other services:

Intimate aesthetic surgery;
Reconstructive surgery of postoperative defects and post trauma injuries;
Aesthetic surgery, plastic and reconstructive emergency support.