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Laser Epilation

For permanent hair removal we use the latest generation Candela Max Pro Alexandrite Laser. For a comfortable and painless procedure, the laser features an attached skin cooling device which provides an anesthetic effect.

What is laser epilation?

Unwanted hair is permanently removed by the energy of light transformed into thermal energy. As a result, the root of the hair is destroyed and the hair stops growing. Laser epilation treatments are non-invasive. They can be performed on the whole body and for all skin types.


How many sessions of treatment are needed?

Treatments require 6-8 sessions for definitive hair removal, because there are 4 phases of hair growth and the effect is obtained gradually.

Advantages of the procedure:
  • Laser energy acts directly on hair follicles;
  • Laser waves do not damage the skin;
  • Visible results after the first procedures;
  • After epilation, the skin looks fine and velvety;
  • Highly effective on thin hair removal.
How to prepare for Laser Epilation?
  • Avoid sunlight for 4-6 weeks before and after epilation, or any other interval set by your doctor.
  • Your doctor may tell you to stop any medication or use of skin care products 3-5 days before the procedure.
  • Avoid whitening, peeling or waxing procedures 4-6 weeks before epilation. If you have a history of genital or perioral herpes simplex, your doctor may recommend prophylactic antiviral treatment. Follow the recommended medication.
  • RECENTLY TANNED SKIN CAN NOT BE SUBJECTED TO THE LASER EPILATION PROCEDURE! In the case of laser epilation within 2 weeks of natural or UV tan, white spots may appear and persist for 2-3 months after epilation.
  • DISCONTINUE the use of Bronzing Products one week before the procedure.
Instructions during the epilation procedure

The skin should be clean and the hairs cut with the razor blade 2-3 days before.

The Cryo Cooler will be used along with the laser during the procedure.

Safety issues are important throughout the procedure. In order to avoid eye damage, laser eye protection equipment MUST be used by both the patient and the medical staff.

All necessary precautions for patient safety will be taken.



Instructions after epilation
  • Immediately after the procedure, redness and edema may occur in the hair follicles involved in the epilation procedure, which may last for up to 2 hours. Erythema may last up to 2-3 days. The area under the procedure will give you a feeling of sunburn a few hours after the procedure.
  • Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure, if the skin is not irritated.
  • Avoid sunlight after the epilation procedure to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation of the skin.
  • After the epilation procedure, use a sunscreen (SPF 30+) every time.
    Avoid scratching the treated area.
  • After the laser epilation procedure, do not use any hair removal products or other procedures similar to laser hair removal (waxing, electric hair removal or hair removal). Using the razor is preferential.
  • Within 10-21 days after the laser epilation procedure, you may notice new hairs that appear to be re-grown. These are NOT new hairs. You can remove them by washing or wiping them with a damp cloth.
  • After the underarm hair removal procedure, within 24 hours, to reduce irritation, you can optionally use a talcum-based product instead of a deodorant.
  • There are no restrictions on bathing, but in the first 24 hours wash the skin gently, as after sunburn.
  • A new laser hair removal procedure will be needed as soon as the hair starts to grow again. As a rule, the hairs appear no sooner than 3 weeks after the laser epilation procedure.

Medpark Laser Epilation PRICE LIST

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