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Nutrition is the science that studies the effects of food components on metabolism, health condition, body performance and resistance to disease.

By consulting a nutritionist at Medpark you will benefit from professional counseling and a personalized diet based on a thorough assessment: analysis, eating behavior survey and study of lifestyle.

The nutritionist’s advices are recommended for persons that:
  • are overweight;
  • want to lose weight;
  • practice sports professionally;
  • are diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders;
  • always feel tired and lacking in energy;
  • are pregnant, breastfeeding or want to return to pre-pregnancy weight;
  • are diabetic;
  • want to have a healthy lifestyle.

The diet is prescribed according to lifestyle, the activity, age, height, weight and food preferences. After a comprehensive evaluation, the nutritionist prescribes an appropriate regimen with long-term effects, that suits the person who is applies it. There is no general solution available, and each food diet must be customized.

Medpark nutritionist services

You should not fight alone with improper nutrition, because Medpark professionals give you the solution perfectly fitted for you. The scientific approach and personalized help can allow you to achieve an optimal weight in a healthy way.

At Medpark, the nutritionist recommends you the diet individually, only after a complex medical consultation. The specialist takes into account several important factors which guarantee you long-lasting effects not only for the silhouette, but also for your health. As there is no generally applicable solutions, each food prescription is customized, depending on:

  • lifestyle, food preferences,
  • activity you carry out,
  • metabolism,
  • endocrine (hormone) analyzes,
  • age and weight.
Why should you choose Medpark services?

At Medpark each patient benefits from quality services offered by professional nutritionists:

  • Detailed nutritional analysis;
  • Metabolic testing;
  • Appropriate prescription;
  • Setting up individual objectives;
  • Developing a personalized diet;
  • Contingency plan for a balanced health;
  • Monitoring results;
  • Periodic nutrition reassessment.

Medpark – your expert in healthy nutrition!