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Medpark Department of Ophthalmology deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the eye, eyelid and lacrimal system disorders. A top medical team is ready to provide the necessary help to both children and adults in order to identify and treat the most common and severe eye problems – glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, strabismus, refractive abnormalities and other conditions.

As much as the visual disturbances are diagnosed earlier, as much the chances of recovery and normal eyesight grow. Therefore, it is recommended to pass an eye exam at least once a year, and if you notice certain changes or symptoms of eye disorders, you should make an appointment to an ophthalmologist immediately.

When you should ask for the help of an ophthalmologist

Many sight impairments can be corrected by a simply consult with an ophthalmologist. Ask the opinion of a doctor immediately if you have the following signs:

  • you have “blurred” vision, often in the morning;
  • you have an increased sensitivity to light;
  • you have lost central or peripheral vision;
  • you feel blinking more often;
  • you have unclear vision of close objects;
  • you notice that your eyes turn red and you experience blurred vision;
  • you feel your eyes “dry” and you have eye pain;
  • you have tears often with no reason;
  • you feel itchiness in eyelids etc.
Diagnosis and modern devices

At Medpark each patient gets an individual approach, a complex and multidisciplinary examination, with subsequent indications for therapeutic or surgical treatment. From the start, the ophthalmologist performs a routine checkup, which includes: measuring of the visual acuity, refraction measurement, biomicroscopy, measurement of intraocular pressure and ophthalmoscopy. If necessary, the doctor recommends further tests. All examinations are performed using the most advanced ophthalmic equipment, the results of which enable a high precision and accurate diagnosis.

Medpark International Hospital has the following equipment:
  • Biomicroscope – allows magnified viewing of various diseases of the eye such as viral, bacterial conjunctivitis, infectious diseases of the retina or optic nerve;
  • Retinoscope – determines the type of refractive error, the degree of myopia, astigmatism;
  • Autorefractor – allows computerized checking for sight screening in adults, in conditions such as myopia, crosses deviations, pupil size, pupillary distance;
  • Tonometer – measures the intraocular pressure;
    Ophthalmoscope – allows examination of the eye, optic nerve, retina or retinal vessels;
  • A-Scan / B-scan – designed to evaluate the ocular structures and determine the location of a lesion, recording the documented data on film;
  • Phoropter – allows measurement of refractive errors and determines eyeglass prescription.
Ophthalmological diagnosis services available at Medpark:
  • assessment of visual acuity;
  • direct and indirect retinoscope exam;
  • measurement of intraocular pressure (IOP) through non-contact and contact method: Maclacov and Goldman;
  • intraocular lens power calculation;
  • tests for binocular vision and stereo tests;
  • Ishihara and Rabkin color test;
  • eye examination for pregnancy;
  • computerized perimetry;
    refractomy and keratometry;
  • gonioscopy, in order to examine the drainage angle of the eye;
  • skiascopy in order to determine the degree of refraction of the eye;
  • biometrics;
  • biomicroscopy – test with fluorescein, West test and Schirmer test;
  • ultrasound (A-scan);
  • ocular tonometry (Goldman, Maclacov, non-contact);
  • prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses etc.
In addition, Medpark offers to its patients various ophthalmologic procedures:

retrobulbar, periocular or subconjunctival injections;
cleaning lacrimal pathways, recanalization of tear ducts;
removing superficial foreign bodies from cornea, conjunctiva.

To improve vision problems, Medpark experts apply innovative and minimally invasive surgical and conservative treatment methods.

Medpark International Hospital offers high quality services, is equipped with modern devices, according to the latest technological trends in the field and has a team of highly qualified doctors with extensive experience in their areas of activity (anterior and posterior segment surgery, diagnosis and treatment of age-related macular dystrophy, diabetic retinopathy).