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Radiotherapy is a treatment method widely used in oncological conditions. It uses ionizing radiation to destroy malignant cells.

In collaboration with partner medical institutions, Medpark International Hospital offers the patients access to the best performing linear radiotherapy accelerators available in the world. The latest technologies are based on intelligent control systems for applying radiation treatment in the safest conditions.

The advantages of modern radiotherapy are:
  • high accuracy;
  • substantial reduction of radiation exposure time;
  • minimal side effects on tissues or organs close to tumors;
  • favoring the quality of patient’s life.

Radiotherapy is frequently recommended in combination with other cancer treatment methods, such as chemotherapy, surgery or others, depending on the decision of the multidisciplinary team.

  • Multidisciplinary team that collaborates to identify the best treatment plan for each patient (“Tumor Board”), consisting of: medical oncologist, morphopathologist, radiologist, surgeon, radiotherapist, psychotherapist and specialized nurses;
  • Providing complete support to patients, from screening, diagnosis, to treatment of the most complex cases and post-treatment monitoring;
  • Performing diagnostic equipment and modern surgical infrastructure;
  • Treatment methods according to international guidelines and protocols;
  • High quality medicines and supplies;
  • Collaboration with top hospitals worldwide specialized in oncology, for a second medical opinion and for carrying out treatments that cannot be performed in the country.
  • Medpark International Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International – the highest level of appreciation in the medical field, which guarantees the quality of services and patient’s safety.
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