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Rehabilitation – kinetotherapy

Kinetotherapy represents a treatment based on the activity performed within well-structured rehabilitation programs, aimed at restoring the diminished functions or increasing the functionality in various diseases.

Therapeutic effects: any physical activity stimulates the muscles, improving their physiological properties and physical qualities.

The main objectives of kinetotherapy treatment are:
  • Relaxation;
  • Posture and body alignment correction;
  • Increase in joint mobility;
  • Increase in muscle strength;
  • Increase in muscle resistance;
  • Increase in coordination and balance control;
  • Correction of respiratory deficiency;
  • Effort training;
  • Sensitivity reeducation.
Available services:
  • Medical gymnastics;
  • Specific and outpatient kinetotherapy;
  • Muscle modeling via trigger point therapy;
  • Regional massage;
  • Regional massage with vacuum therapy.