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Medpark provides each patient a wide range of dental services. Medical professionals apply international standards of dental treatment and aesthetics in rooms equipped with the latest technology. The methods used are minimally painful, and the institution ensures a sterile environment for patients of all ages. The quality of services is constantly rising, as our dentists are attending courses, trainings and specialization in the country and abroad. The medical team has the knowledge and experience needed to provide patients with treatment adapted to the latest research in the field of dentistry.

Medpark medical team is taking care of the children’s dental health, which is so important in their development. The hospital provides them with a friendly environment, to ensure that visiting the dentist does not become stressful. Dentists with extensive professional experience are applying the most effective therapy techniques, because the quality of care is their priority.

Why you should choose Medpark dental services:
  • complete dental services;
  • professional medical team;
  • technical equipment of last generation;
  • innovative methods for dental treatment and aesthetics;
  • painless treatments;
  • international standards for disinfection and sterilization;
  • pleasant ambience;
  • qualified advice and care for the patient.

Do not forget – the earlier you go to the doctor – the better chances you have of saving your teeth. Considering that dental caries may arise painless for a long period, periodical dental examinations are important and can guarantee the health of your teeth.

At Medpark everyone can enjoy a wide range of services in the following fields:
  • pediatric dentistry (professional hygiene: Airflow, ultrasound, brushing, treatment of dental caries in children with modern materials: Twinky Star, pulp treatment, prevention of dental caries in milk and permanent teeth: fluoridation and fissure sealing, milk teeth extraction);
  • therapeutic dentistry (dental caries prevention, treatment of buccal mucosa diseases, aesthetic treatment with filling identical by color and shape with the tooth, root canal treatment, teeth whitening);
  • esthetic dentistry;
  • orthodontics (movable orthodontic appliances, fixed systems (metallic, sapphire and ceramic brackets, Damon System), cape bruxism, trainer, retainer).