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Acceptance of the conditions

​The use of website implies the User’s complete acceptance, without limitations, of these terms and conditions of use. The administrator of the site (“Administrator”) reserves the right to deny, restrict or condition the total or partial access to the site, as well as to modify the services and content of the site, at any time and without the prior notice.

Information about the website

The website is property of ICS Health Forever International SRL (Medpark International Hospital), based in the Republic of Moldova, Chișinău, 24 Andrei Doga street, MD-2024.

Contact data:

Medpark international Hospital, 24 Andrei Doga street, MD-2024. ​
Tel: (+373) 22 40 00 40,
Fax: (+373) 22 40 00 04
email: [email protected]

Content and services

The website pffers to its users throughtout its sections, pieces of information about its services and activities. The Services, including any updates, enhancements, new features, and/or the addition of any new web properties, are subject to the Terms of Use.

Regarding the information on the website

ICS Health Forever International is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of the site descriptions. All texts are informative and should be considered as this. For any clarifications or questions, please contact us at the contact data indicated above.

Content and liability disclaimer

The Administrators cannot be held responsible by any reason for delays in delivering the content or loss of information. The Administrator in any case cannot be held no directly nor indirectly responsibile for any damage inflicted to the visitor through either the loss or inaccuracy of the information existing on website. The Users may use the information gathered on the site on their own responsibility, and in case of any damage caused by usage of this information they accept that the Administrator will not be held responsible.

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The Administrator disclaims any liability with regard to the content of the pages to which it carries links. It is not responsible either for the policy of other sites or their practices concerning their visitors.

General rules

The Administrator declares that: Will depose the reasonable diligence to attain the site’s aim . Will make the necessary effort (technically or in any other way) for the optimal function of the site; but in spite of all it could exist interruptions or the impossibility to access the Portal for an undetermined period of time, due to any reasons possible. It is forbidden to violate throughout the site the rights/royalties belonging/due to a third person As new situations of any nature appear and are imposing the need, the Administrator can modify the conditions and terms of use.


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