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About us

Medpark International Hospital is the first and the biggest multidisciplinary private hospital in the Republic of Moldova. Open 24/7, the hospital provides services in compliance with the health standards recognized worldwide and at the same level as leading medical institutions on the international market. Medpark brings together more than 200 doctors, lecturers, doctors in medical science that covers all medical and surgical specialties and treat more than 120 000 patients annually.

The infrastructure of Medpark offers exceptional conditions for diagnostics and surgical treatment of the patients, and namely:

  • 5 operating rooms integrated in the rooms of intensive therapy and reanimation
  • Operating rooms equipped with a continuous flux of sterilized air, which minimizes the risk of hospital-acquired infections; hemofiltration equipment, “Cell-saver” automatic blood transfusion system, hermetic doors and automatic control panel in the operating room, which indicates the values of sterile air ventilation, humidity, temperature, and which offers a high degree of safety and minimizes the risks of hospital infections.
  • Postoperative care according to international standards
  • 63 modern single patient rooms in the stationary.

Every day we are at our patients’ service in the polyclinic. We provide medical assistance and treatment in over 50 medical fields, investigations, laboratory and radiology services. Our Emergency Unit is on call anytime with the nonstop helpline for both adults and children.

Complex approach of our multidisciplinary specialists to emergency cases, supported by laboratory and radiology services, availableat any time – this is the reason why patients choose us.

Medpark Mission is to provide an integrated system of medical services based on prevention, diagnosis and qualitative treatment, brought to standards of excellence where all efforts are focused on the patient and his needs.

Medpark Vision is to be a reference institution for the medical sector in the Republic of Moldova and in the region, chosen for quality medical services, professionalism, international practices and innovations.

Medpark Values represent our philosophy and our beliefs, which guide all our actions and decisions, as individuals and as a team.

  • We respect human life and dignity.
  • We offer care for the patients in a clean, safe and friendly environment.
  • We develop professionals recognized internationally.
  • We collaborate to find the best solutions for the patient.





Olga Şchiopu – Medpark General Manager

“Dear patients, visitors,

First of all, we would like to thank you for choosing Medpark services, the number of people who visit us increasing year by year. This is the best confirmation that we are on the right way and that all our efforts towards developing and improving our services during this time, have brought results.

We have invested in people and their development, we have invested in cutting edge equipment, we invested in self-assessment mechanisms and facilities in order to ensure patient’s comfort and safety. All these continuous actions have helped us to build an integrated system that provides each of you all the medical services you need, both emergency and non-emergency: from medical consultations, imaging investigations and laboratory services needed to establish the diagnosis, to complex surgical treatments necessary for healing. In this way we managed to become the number 1 private medicine supplier in the Republic of Moldova.

Looking ahead, our vision is to overcome the borders of the Republic of Moldova and to place Medpark International Hospital among the European leaders in terms of quality of medical services offered, based on two important characteristics: quality diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases, in conditions of maximum safety for the patient.

We promise that we will continue to do our best in order to meet the needs of each of you in terms of quality and safety of care.”


aureliu_batrinac_director_medical_medparkAureliu Batrînac – Medpark Medical Director, cardiovascular surgeon, PhD, associate professor, associate researcher​

“Medpark Hospital has been open in 2011 and today we are proud to have a team of over 200 physicians, teachers, lecturers and doctors in medical science and everything we do is with respect for life, and from love for people. As the first and largest multidisciplinary private hospital in the country, Medpark now offers over 2,800 service for your and your family’s health and annually treats more than 120,000 patients.

The great achievement of our team is creating the medical centers of excellence, of which 5 – unique in the private sector or even in the entire national health system:

  • Family Planning and Health Center
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Surgery 
  • Oncology
  • Polyclinic and Emergency Medicine

These centers constantly strengthen Medpark’s leadership position, contributing to the development of the institution, as well as of the citizens, who benefit from accessing quality health services, at international standards, here in their country.”


  • Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services in one place: Medpark International Hospital offers consultations, laboratory and clinical investigations, imaging, surgery and hospitalization services for both adults and children, the whole family benefiting from a safety and quality medical act;
  • Access to a full range of laboratory tests: molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology and serology, endocrinology, tumor markers, viral markers, microbiology;
  • Full imaging investigations: (MRI, CT, EOS radiography, DEXA bone densitometry, mammography, ultrasound 2D, 3D laboratory angiography);
  • 24/7 access to quality medical services, including surgery: through Medpark on-call staff available at the hospital: cardiology, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Proved medical expertise: over 200 doctors, teachers, lecturers, doctors in medical science that covers all medical and surgical specialties;
  • Accuracy and precision in diagnosis: we have the latest medical equipment with proven results in the diagnosis and we constantly invest in new technologies;
  • Renowned medical assistance: Medpark is the largest private medical operator, serving more than 80,000 patients annually;
  • Complex surgical interventions within the largest, multidisciplinary, private hospital in Moldova – cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, traumatology, ophthalmology, general surgery, gynecology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, urology, otolaryngology, pediatrics etc.;
  • Ultra-specialized Family Services: in vitro fertilization;
  • Natural or caesarean section birth in the safest conditions within Medpark maternity ward which is equipped with three birthing rooms, neonatal unit, intensive care unit for newborns and modern single rooms;
  • International expertise through collaboration with foreign doctors from different medical specialties;
  • Medical record for all the family through fully computerized system that allows us to archive the results of clinical and laboratory investigations for a long time, while ensuring complete confidentiality;
  • 24/7 emergency unit.