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Polyclinic and Emergency Medicine

Medpark Consultative Center (Polyclinic) provides primary and continuing care in over 50 medical fields, investigations, laboratory and radiology services.

Multidisciplinary approach and modern medical technology available in the hospital ensure accuracy and timeliness in diagnosis .



Gastroenterology is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and chronic hepatitis in humans. Gastroenterology branch that studies the liver,…

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The largest integrated laboratory in the country and the only integrated one in the private medical sector The integration of laboratory services with those of…

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Speech therapy

The speech therapy deals with the detection and correction of language disorders. Speech therapy involves educating poor language, optimizing communication and understanding. An appointment to…

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Breast care

Breast care is a branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of breast diseases such as: cysts, lactostasis, mastitis, breast cancer and…

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Family medicine

The family doctor is a specialist with multidisciplinary training that provides primary and continuous healthcare. Its purpose is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal…

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Nuclear medicine

PET-CT PET-CT is an integrated imaging equipment. It combines two types of scanning: PET (Positron Emission Tomography) used to obtain functional data related to metabolism…

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Neurology is the medical specialty designed specifically for diagnosis and management of nervous system pathologies. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord and peripheral…

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Nutrition is the science that studies the effects of food components on metabolism, health condition, body performance and resistance to disease. By consulting a nutritionist…

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