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Get to know your doctor: Adrian Danu

07 Aug, 2015

Dr. Adrian Danu – an avant-garde neurosurgeon and the man of premiers at Medpark
Neurosurgeon, PhD in Endovascular Neurosurgery

Adrian Danu is the doctor who is known by the national premiers he performed in the operating room. Specializing in spinal neurosurgery, the specialist has in his track of record an extensive experience in interventions on the brain. He performed dozens of complicated surgeries, which resulted in saving lives of many patients with serious diagnoses.

Since 2011, the neurosurgeon has successfully implemented a minimally invasive method of treatment of spine pathology. Through minor incisions of 2-2.5 cm and microendoscopic views are performed the vast majority of spinal surgeries, from herniated lumbar disc from up to mergers and stabilization of the vertebrae. This method allows early recovery of the patient in about two weeks, with a return to daily activities without pain.

In 2014, the neurosurgeon, together with specialists from Romania and Germany, managed to successfully treat the cerebral aneurysm of a patient through embolization – an intervention on the brain without surgery. Such interventions have not been previously performed in Moldova, this success being a great progress for the national medical care.

Also, last year, Dr Adrian Danu registered another premier for the Moldovan medical system. The specialized knowledge and skills allowed him to use the “flow diverter” method in combination with “coiling” method for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms.

Another innovative intervention signed by the neurosurgeon Adrian Danu is the ablation of the pituitary tumor by trans-phenoidal approach. It was a successful operation for Medpark, but also an important development in brain tumor surgery in our country, being performed with an endoscope, under roentgenologic guidance.

Before being recruited in the Medpark team of professionals, the neurosurgeon treated some of the most serious cases at the National Scientific and Practical Center of Emergency Medicine.

In recent years, he improved himself continuously due to the professional internships he underwent in Romania, Austria, Russia, UK and USA. There, he has acquired new knowledge and skills in spinal neurosurgery, treatment of cerebrovascular pathology, radiology, and also in cranio-cerebral trauma and in surgical treatment of brain tumors. Only last year he made three specialization of this kind.

Since 2010 Adrian Danu has equivalence in medical trials and is licensed to practice medicine in the United Kingdom and Spain. He also has experience working in academic neurosurgical clinics in Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom.

The scientific activity also recommends Dr. Adrian Danu as a professional. The innovative experience he gained and his studies are reflected in 11 publications signed by him as an author and co-author in specialized magazines.

(Published in 2015)