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Get to know your doctor: Vera Rusanovschi

11 Aug, 2015

Vera Rusanovschi – the children’s doctor, specialist in the treatment of intoxication, always close in critical situations
Reanimating- pediatrician doctor

The doctor Vera Rusanovschi is a leading pediatrician, as she has specialization in toxicology, reanimation and anesthetics. The fact that she is a professional in all three areas determines most of the parents to choose this pediatrician from Medpark when their children need medical attention.

With a 24 years experience in pediatrics, Dr. Rusanovschi treated thousands of children with intoxications caused by drugs or harmful substances, including serious cases. Dr. Vera Rusanovschi is not giving up to complicated cases and applies to critically ill patients the most effective methods and innovative techniques of modern pediatrics.

In order to provide each patient with the necessary treatment, Vera Rusanovschi did internships and participated in various trainings, through which she improved her knowledge on methods of extracorporeal detoxification and homeostasis disorders in patients in serious conditions.

She also managed to obtain new skills in intensive care associated with pediatric surgery and acquired new techniques in applying general anesthesia for surgery on children.

She excels everyday within the team of specialists of an international level at Medpark International Hospital, where she developed her skills and knowledge in pediatrics and continues to provide quality medical care for the little patients.

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