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The development of private medical system in the attention of authorities

27 Oct, 2015

The development of private medical system and the modernization of legislative framework in the field were the main subjects discussed within the visit of Andrian Candu, Chairman of the Parliament, to Medpark International Hospital on October 20th, 2015. Mrs. Iulia Otto, Director of EBRD in Chisinau, who is the main creditor of the medical institution, has also participated at the event.

During the visit, a tour of the biggest private hospital in the country was organized, conducted by its General Manager, Olga Schiopu, and by the representative of Summa Group investor, Sinan Bora.

Olga Schiopu, Medpark General Manager: “This visit reconfirms the fact that Medpark contributes substantially to the development of the healthcare sector in Moldova and to providing quality services to the population. In this regard, we have established a sustainable partnership with state institutions and we continue to promote the compliance of the medical system from the Republic of Moldova with the international standards, which is only possible through a public-private partnership.”

The Chairman of the Parliament, as well as the Director of EBRD in Chisinau, have expressed their appreciation towards the efforts of Medpark International Hospital to continuously improve the level of delivery medical services at international quality standards, available for every citizen of the country.

Andrian Candu, Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova: “We value the efforts and the role of Medpark in heart diseases control, which had proved that it is an advanced Center of Myocardial Infarction. Also, I believe we have real perspectives to develop medical tourism in our country.”

Medpark International Hospital contributes constantly to the improvement of the quality of medical services through:

  • Joint Commission International accreditation, which guarantees the quality of medical act and the safety of the patient, an accreditation currently held only by Medpark in the entire region of South-Eastern Europe;
  • Complex approach to cardiovascular pathology by opening the Center of Myocardial Infarction within the Center of Cardiology, that offers complete services in diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases: from consultations and minimally invasive procedures, to large scale surgical interventions;
  • Ensuring accuracy and precision in diagnosis thanks to next generation medical equipment, with proved results in the area of diagnostics and constant investments in retooling;
  • Proved medical expertise provided by a team of over 200 doctors, professors, lecturers, doctors of medical science with international experience, who cover all the medical and surgical specialties, etc.