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Neonatology and Medpark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatology consists in caring for babies from the first day to 40 days of life, especially those born prematurely or sickly with the detection, diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases in this age group as well as with the care and maintenance of the new- of premature birth.

Neonatologist’s consultation at Medpark includes:

– Assessing the health of the newborn;
– Diagnosing and treating acute diseases;
– Monitoring the normal growth and development of the newborn;
– Counseling on breastfeeding and providing recommendations on mixed and artificial feeding of the newborn;
– Managing prevention services (specific vaccination during neonatal period etc.);
– Continue monitoring of the newborn requiring intensive care.

Medpark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the only one of its kind in the private sector is ready to act promptly in any moment, having all the necessary equipment for the fast recovery of the newborn:

  • VAP devices (Preventing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia), which regulates all breathing parameters of the newborn;
  • CPAP devices, which form positive end-expiratory pressure;
  • 3 incubators for premature babies, which regulates temperature and humidity;
  • 2 tables with irradiated heat, regulating body temperature for the newborn;
  • Mobile USG device that allows an ultrasound, neurosonography and cardiac Ecodoppler at the bedside of the patient, in case that the newborn is not transportable;
  • Roentgen mobile device.

Hospital provides perinatal services of Level II, which corresponds to the delivery acceptance term starting with the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Mothers who choose to give birth at Medpark know that in those rare occasions when babies need special care, they can take full advantage of Medpark Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

– Only at Medpark every newborn that is in intensive care benefits from a dedicated medical team – a neonatologist and a nurse, who continuously monitor the patient, 24/24 hours;
– The hospital is equipped with HEPA air filters that provide sterile air and minimize the risk of infection;
– Services according to international standards;
– Team of experienced neonatologists;

Because some newborns need additional treatment and care in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Medpark is carrying out a social project “Special newborns” and is delivering highly specialized medical services for free during first 10 days of admission to NICU​